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Dallas' Stephanie Hunt wanted to plant a seed, and Queen Elizabeth took notice
Dallasite Stephanie Hunt had an audacious idea two years ago while attending the Chelsea Flower Show in London. She’d enter her tiny nonprofit in the world-renowned event with a garden showcasing the resilient beauty found in the Syrian refugee camp of ...

Garden Wise: Why dead-heading flowers matters
Most flowering plants reproduce sexually. Male pollen must fertilize the ovule held in the ovary of the flower. Then a seed will be released, and later, if conditions are favorable, the seed will germinate, and a new plant will emerge. Some flowers contain ...

Keweenaw Plant and Seed Swap at Calumet Art Center
CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC)-Looking to start gardening this summer but still in need of plants? Saturday was the 5th annual plant and seed swap at the Calumet Art Center in downtown Calumet. Guests could stop by and pick from a variety of different fruit and ...

Ants are crucial in spreading wildflower seeds
The trilliums, violets, hepatica, rue-anemone, Dutchman’s breeches, bloodroot, trout lilies and dozens of other “spring ephemeral” wildflowers that bloomed so beautifully and lushly in early spring are fast disappearing now. They’re vanishing into ...

Flower power: Each dandelion flower can unleash 50 to 170 seeds
It’s that most beautiful time of year again! Spring has brightened flower beds and trees with colorful blooms. The air is thick with the smell of sweet chokecherry, lilac and crabapple blossoms. Flowers are also sprouting in my yard. Yep, it’s ...

MYSTERY PLANT: Mystery Plant shares its name with European species
will be flowers that never really open up – the term is cleistogamous – and yet they are still able to produce seeds from self-pollination. The very attractive, wide-open chasmogamous flowers will be toward the top. Fit for a goddess, each will have ...

Plant and seed swap coming to Lincoln Park
This year, April showers brought May showers. Let’s hope that means lots of June flowers! On June 3, the Downriver Butterflies Facebook group is hosting a plant and seed swap at opening day of the Lincoln Park Farmers Market. The swap will be a perfect ...

Valencia High School Students Plant Seeds To Replace Vandalized Memorial Tree
Students from Valencia High School began to plant seeds Wednesday to replace three trees that were cut down over a week ago by vandals, including one planted to memorialize fallen students. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking KHTS Santa Clarita News Alerts ...

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