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Too-high TVs and other measuring mistakes in decorating
... installers say that many people ignore the optimal height guidelines for hanging flat-screen televisions to hang their televisions over a fireplace, which is almost always too high. Optimal viewing, no matter the size of your screen, is straight on at ...

This Old Thing: Art Deco stokes screen value
Q I purchased this fireplace screen and fender at a local flea market for just over $100. The screen measures 58 centimetres wide, including side embellishments. The label on the inside of bumper reads 'Hearth Furniture, Made in England, Trade Mark L & M.'

St., John’s Regional Fire Department warns public about chimenea and outdoor fireplace use
Capable of completely containing/enclosing the fire. • Equipped with a spark arrestor and/or screen to prevent escape of sparks and/or embers. • Placed on a firm and level surface which has a non-combustible base beneath it, a minimum of 0.5 m ...

Mel Brooks Leases Out Malibu Beach House (EXCLUSIVE)
A comfortably cavernous combination living and dining room, which cleverly manages to have a high, vaulted ceiling even though there’s living space directly above it, is anchored by a vintage brick fireplace ... the stage and screen star also maintains ...

Playing with fire: Blacksmiths keep ancient art alive
He takes out his phone and scrolls through pictures of past work: a fireplace screen with an owl, wrought iron gates, an enormous chandelier for the Golden Arrow hotel in Lake Placid, a door with flowers and peacocks worked in bronze. But King enjoys ...

Three fireplace screens in budget, midrange and investment prices
This affordable screen with a dark finish will complement both Old Portland-style and contemporary living rooms. Allen + Roth Craftsman-Style Fireplace Screen (item 137905), $49.98, Lowe's stores including 1160 N. Hayden Meadows Drive, 503-737-3000; and ...

Artistic Iron Works of Norwalk Wins Awards in International Metalcraft Competition
From design to installation, our work includes railings, balconies, fences, staircases, and fireplace screens, as well as many other custom fabrications. About the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA) NOMMA is the trade ...

Patti Payne's Cool Pads: Craig Kinzer's Lake Sammamish home hits the market for $13 million
The manse, fully ADA compliant, with a three-story elevator used every day, has a luxurious master suite, two chefs kitchens, two outdoor barbecue areas as well, heated outdoor room with wood-burning fireplace and big screen TV, and theater room.

Newburyport custom colonial has all the bells and whistles
Formal spaces include a gracious dining room with French doors and a living room with a large picture window, soaring ceilings and a gas fireplace. A more relaxed ... living room and access to the shared screen porch on the first level.

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