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Jonathan Gold beholds the brisket spectacle at Freedman's, a Jewish-ish deli in Echo Park
Liz Johnson, the chef at the new Echo Park delicatessen Freedman's ... certain scenes from "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" come to mind. When you reach for a slice, you realize why the electric knife may have been a good idea — the meat is luscious ...

Jonathan Gold Raves About the Tableside Brisket at Freedman’s
The Goldster describes chef Liz Johnson’s Echo Park delicatessen as “Jewish but doesn ... certain scenes from “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” come to mind. When you reach for a slice, you realize why the electric knife may have been a good idea ...

Outdoors: May 18 through 24
Chainsaw Safety Demonstration ... A yellow-rumped warbler is one of the birds you might spot on May 20 if you participate in a hike at Forest Echo Bird Sanctuary with the North Branch Land Trust. Submitted photo

Winning the North Long Lake bog battle: Move to take place Thursday, weather permitting
LEGIONVILLE—Consider temperatures rising to 80 degrees with relative humidity hovering around 60 percent—then put on a pair of hunting waders and run a heavy duty chain saw to cut a massive bog. That was the task Chris Johnson of Peterson Towing faced ...

Chainsaw sale turns into robbery after thieves meet victim online
Once there, three men approached. One carried an Echo chainsaw. After inspecting the power saw, Reynoso pulled out $200, the pre-arranged price of the saw, police said. Police say they have arrested a Fort Lauderdale man who met his victims online ...

Chainsaw art on display at Rievaulx Terrace
Rievaulx Terrace, near Helmsley, is hosting Inspired by Nature, a collection of work by chainsaw artist Simon Archer. There will be 20 sculptures on display at Rievaulx Terrace that have been inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the natural world ...

Echo and Husqvarna devices taken in 3am raid on SPG Mowers in Boldre
He added that officers were anxious to hear from anyone who had been offered a a brand new Echo or Husqvarna chainsaw for sale. Anyone with information should ring Hampshire police on 101, quoting crime reference number 44180071186, or call Crimestoppers ...

Fuel Tank Vent
This check valve or the fuel tank vent is connected to the fuel tank in the following products: hedge trimmer, leaf blower/vacuum, chainsaw, edger, engine, tiler, auger, water pump, chipper shredder, sprayer, and brush cutter. The check valve allows air ...

Echo unleashes its lightest chainsaw yet onto UK market
The lightest top handle chainsaw in Japanese power tool manufacturer Echo’s product range is now available in the UK. Weighing in at just 2.3kg (dry weight without bar and chain) the CS-2511TES is Echo’s most nimble and compact saw to date, making it ...

Doom Fan Runs Game on Chainsaw
The demo video, however, displays Doom 2, since that's the game in which the chainsaw is immediately accessible. Merlocco named his creation the Painsaw, and it's compatible with a controller or keyboard. The chainsaw itself is a "modded Echo Junior ...

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