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The joy of dining: A spring table at my cottage
In the winter months, Dan and I don’t have folks over as much, preferring to cocoon when we’re home. But one of my rites of spring is dressing my table and sending out invites, welcoming friends back to our cottage. It was a quiet day at the cottage ...

Table Talk
Meanwhile, Christiansen (pictured, above, in a Star Tribune file photo) hasn’t worked out details on how he’s going forward with Heyday’s dining room, although it will remain a showcase for the boundary-pushing, idiosyncratic cooking that landed him ...

Enjoy your high spirits on a low table
To the hard core it means much older than that. There are many verifiable antique items in many homes. They range from dining tables to chairs, chests, beds, armoires, china cabinets, claret cabinets, tea tables, desks and all manner of other items made in ...

Jean McClelland: Elegant and versatile, Pembroke tables still have fans in today's collectors
When a drop leaf table is mentioned, one's thoughts often veer toward the ever popular Duncan Fyffe style dining table. Even so, there is another drop leaf that rivals the Duncan Fyffe in popularity only it is smaller and its intended use was a bedside table.

He took his family to lunch, left the table and rammed them with his car, killing two, police say
Moments later, waiter Brandon Wilson was heading to check on the table when a sound shattered the dining room. “I saw a white Jeep just fly past my face,” Wilson told the Gazette. “It was so unreal. I saw chairs and tables and cups just ...

This Tricked-Out Fire Pit Is A Grill And Dining Table In One
There's a lot of pomp and circumstance surrounding the person who mans the grill. For the 30 seconds when all heads turn your way as you carry a platter of smoking ribs to the table, you are a god. But for the the other 30 minutes you spend missing all the ...

Caffe Luna Rosa To Commemorate Memorial Day With A Special Tribute Table Honoring Lost Veterans
The table will include a folded flag ... About Caffe Luna Rosa: Seven days a week Caffe Luna Rosa offers a memorable and authentic Italian dining experience in a casual atmosphere. The restaurant is designed on two levels, with alfresco seating and ...

Rafael Velazquez: serving up kindness in Branner dining
Rafael Velazquez has been a chef at the Branner dining hall for 12 years and at Stanford for over ... As the bird flew off our table, Rafael smiled again and reiterated just how grateful he is to be here. All I could think is how grateful Stanford is ...

And they’ll lend you binoculars to check out the view. There’s room between the tables, a large community table and conversation areas including one consisting only of giant, comfortable cushions. It’s also the kind of place where a person can come ...

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