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Innovative Dehumidifier Systems, LLC Announces Major Change in North Carolina Qualified Allocation Plan: New Allowances for Dehumidifier Installation
In the past, North Carolina designers and developers had no choice but to install expensive fire wrapped ducted range hoods in their construction projects. But in 2017, a new ruling by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency changed the QAP to allow ...

Office suffers smoke damage after dehumidifier catches fire
A dehumidifier was the source of a fire that filled an office basement with heavy smoke Thursday morning, according to Fort Dodge Fire Chief Steve Hergenreter. As firefighters responded to the flames, at least one car drove over the hose line running from ...

Constructive Market Analysis Of Global Home Dehumidifier : Forecast Period 2018-2025
Questale has produced their latest report titled “Constructive Market Analysis Of Global Home Dehumidifier : Forecast Period 2018-2025” with the primary focus being to deliver in-depth market analysis and future forecast on the Global Home Dehumidifier ...

The best window air conditioners
The LG LW8016ER Air Conditioner is the best window AC you can buy, with its three cooling speeds and built-in dehumidifier. We’re heading into summer, which means that things are going to start getting real hot, real soon – if they haven’t already.

A Desert-inspired Dehumidifier
The latest in a trend of sculptural dehumidifiers, this one, called “De;Hum”, is an exercise of aesthetics. With a nod to its drying purpose, its form and textured patterns are similar to things you might find in a desert. The shape, for instance, is ...

Firefighters issue warning about dehumidifiers
GREENFIELD (WKOW) -- With all our recent rain, you may have had your dehumidifier going. Firefighters are now sending out a warning after those devices caused two house fires in the past week. Those fires happened in Greenfield and in Richfield in ...

Global Air Dehumidifier Market 2018 - 2021 Including, Air Automobile Horn, Munters AB
Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2018 -- The Air Dehumidifier Report consists of all the basic information regarding the Air Dehumidifier market. The all-inclusive report will aid users to understand the market current trends, industry growth ...

Making Plans for a Fourth Circumnavigation
I store them in an airtight Pelican case with a 110-volt rechargeable closet dehumidifier. (I also stow my 12 external hard drives in such cases, and ditto my extensive camera gear.) I attempt not to think in terms of new or traditional technology ...

Firefighters on scene at Trevino Associates
UPDATE: Fire Chief Steve Hergenreter said a dehumidifier caught fire in the basement of 101 N. 27th St. Firefighters arrived soon enough to prevent the flames from spreading, but there was heavy smoke damage. Check back at The Messenger for more information.

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