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High-end drip coffee makers for brewing right at home
Modern drip coffee makers have gone far beyond your old Mr. Coffee. The countertop brewers you can buy today range greatly in terms of features and abilities. Some are built with a laser-like focus on brew quality and not much else. Others are packed with ...

These Pour Over Coffee Makers Take Homebrewing to the Next Level
I used to think pour over coffee was the biggest timewaster. After all, isn’t the objective to get the coffee in the body as quickly and easily as possible so that gross motor and mental functioning can kick into gear and we can get ourselves dressed?

It brews coffee … and beer? The Pico U is a DIY fix for all your vices
The PicoBrew Pico U, launching today on Kickstarter, is the latest offering from the countertop beer-maker company. The list of beverages it pumps out is impressive: single-cup pour-over coffee, lattes, dry soda, chai, horchata, and, of course, beer.

Save $80 on a Nespresso coffee maker and skip the Starbucks line
Your daily Starbucks addiction visit on the way to work is slowing you down and costing you money. It's time to invest in a coffee maker so you can have your morning joe before you even step out of the door. This certified refurbished Nespresso coffee ...

Detailed examination of the drip coffee maker market report
Global drip coffee maker market is expected to be worth US$352.7 mn by the end of 2025. During the forecast period, the global market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of +4% The report titled, "Drip Coffee Makers" presents a far-reaching outline of the ...

BESTEK 10-Cup Coffee Maker on Sale at Just $69.99 on Amazon
Today, we check out an out of the ordinary device for GizChina, but we gotta keep them servers running somehow! Plus, who doesn’t love coffee? Jokes aside, the BESTEK 10-cup coffee maker is a great product from a reliable brand that also comes at a quite ...

Fastest Coffee Makers From CR's Tests
Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this site. When it’s time for coffee, it’s time for coffee. The experts at Consumer Reports recognize the importance of speed when it comes to brewing a fresh pot of coffee. “We time ...

Farberware K-Cup and Brew Stainless and Black 201615 coffee maker
The Farberware K-Cup and Brew Stainless and Black 201615 is part of the Coffee maker test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Drip coffee maker models like the K-Cup and Brew Stainless and Black 201615 are rated on multiple criteria, such as ...

This espresso maker does not use plastic coffee pods
An espresso-making coffee robot that eliminates the need for plastic coffee pods has beaten its Kickstarter fundraising target. Hong Kong-based company Cafelat has launched its Cafelat Robot, a manual coffee maker that gives its users a high-quality ...

Bunn Speed Brew Elite Grey CSB2G coffee maker
The Bunn Speed Brew Elite Grey CSB2G is part of the Coffee maker test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Drip coffee maker models like the Speed Brew Elite Grey CSB2G are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below. Brew performance ...

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