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Royal Oak house known for Christmas lights hits market at $475K
Royal Oak house known for Christmas lights hits market at $475K Royal Oak's famed Christmas house is on sale for a whopping $475,000. Check out this story on A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. An old ...

Christmas Lights, Couches And Secret Concerts: Sofar Sounds Brings Live Music To Living Rooms
A typical night out at a live music venue usually comes with more than just music -- it also comes with live background noise. That makes sense, because many people go to shows mainly to socialize. For them, the music may be secondary. But for some of us ...

Digital Graffiti lights up Alys Beach with art
Even after coordinating the festival for several years, Phares still finds it exciting, he said. “It’s like going into Christmas Day, opening your gifts,” Phares said. “It starts in a two-dimensional plane on a computer monitor. It’s not ...

It's always Christmas in North Pole, Alaska
Buildings and street lights are decorated with Christmas designs. The Santa Claus House, the red and white building beside a 42-foot tall, 900-pound Santa Claus statue, was originally a trading post and served as the first post office in North Pole.

Driver was texting when he killed pedestrian a week before Christmas
He had been having a Christmas drink with three of his brothers and was on ... but had sent one while he was waiting at a red light and had then put his phone down, and he claimed he had not been distracted by it. Questioning him in court, Miss Orchard ...

Caoimhe lights up neo-natal unit at University Maternity Hospital Limerick
And ever since, in gratitude for the remarkable skills and love of the staff at the neo-natal unit at University Maternity Hospital Limerick (UMHL), the Lynch family have been organising Christmas light shows to raise money for the unit. The hundreds of ...

Alexandre Lacazette Admits Goal Drought 'Got to My Head' as Striker Sheds Light on Knee Injury
?Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette has revealed how a goal drought during the first half of the season "got to my head", as well as shedding some light on the impact of his knee operation shortly after the busy Christmas schedule. The France ...

Bright Lights Looking For Local Artists To Create A Public Art Installation For This Years Festival
They are looking for an artist or artist-led team to create three new works of light sound or digital based sculptural ... The displays will be featured in the sunken gardens around the giant Christmas tree as well as in the forest areas of the park.

Modern Electric – Northcoast Christmas – CD
Your neighbors have the brightest lights in the whole town. It’ll be months ‘fore they take those lights down. Raise your beer, it’s a Christmas on the northcoast. Raise your voice, it’s a carol that you know.

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