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Lawmakers take a chainsaw to SIU when they should spread manure
Local state representatives are obviously and justly irate with the Southern Illinois University trustees for failing to do the fair thing and shift $5.1 million from the shrinking Carbondale campus to the growing Edwardsville campus, but there may be ...

Man steals chainsaw worth $270 from Lowe's in Bloomfield Township
BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. - Police are searching for a man who allegedly stole a chainsaw from the Lowe's store on Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Township. A Lowe's cashier saw the man in the pictures above walking toward the exit doors on April 27 at the ...

Affidavit: Man started chainsaw in woman’s Clatsop Co. home, threatened to kill her
A man entered the home of a woman he didn’t know, started a chainsaw and threatened to kill her, according to court documents. Loren Shaun Knapp, 56, was arraigned Wednesday on charges of attempted murder, attempted assault, burglary, criminal mischief ...

Police looking for chainsaw thief
Bloomfield Township police hope to identify a man who reportedly stole a chainsaw from the Lowe’s store at 1801 S. Telegraph Rd. on April 27. A cashier told police she said the man approach the exit doors with a 16-inch Husqvarna, valued at $269.99, and ...

The horror of a chainsaw that keeps running after being turned off got 1 million recalled
Harbor Freight Tools recalled 1,020,000 chainsaws because of a malfunction that makes them sound like the featured weapon in a slasher movie — they can cut people by running even after being turned off. The exact problem with Portland, One Stop Gardens ...

Whitecaps' chainsaw juggler proves again minor league promotions are the best
Minor league baseball promotions are the best, and the West Michigan Whitecaps proved it again Friday with one of those weird events you'd never expect to see. After all, anyone who jugglers chainsaws deserves a little recognition. And to do it in the rain ...

Chainsaw safety workshop May 31
People who operate a chainsaw or plan to purchase a saw in the future, should be aware of how to use it safely. Michigan Forest Association and Little Forks Conservancy are hosting a one-day Chainsaw Safety Workshop at the Homer Township Hall, 522 N.

Dispute over Chainsaw Noise Leads to Standoff in Ashland
Ashland Police officers arrested a suspect without injury Tuesday evening after a standoff that stemmed from a dispute over chainsaw noise. According to a news release from the police department, residents of the 1100 block of MacArthur Avenue say a ...

Sought a chainsaw...: Woman charged in Easter Sunday decapitation to face grand jury
PRINCETON — A case involving a woman now facing first-degree murder in the death of a Lerona-area man whose decapitated body was found on Easter Sunday was forwarded Friday to the Mercer County Grand Jury. Roena Cheryl Mills, 41, of Rural Retreat, Va.

Chainsaw 'fairytale' art trails unveiled at Carsington Water
A trail of sculptures carved with a chainsaw has been installed at one of Derbyshire's most popular beauty spots. The series of magic and fairytale-themed characters at Carsington Water were created by local artist Andrew Frost. A three-mile 'Hob's Trail ...

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