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You Have to See the Adorable Cake Bethenny Frankel and Her Daughter Decorated in Honor of Their Dogs
The two, who are currently visiting Los Angeles, went to a cake-decorating bakeshop to create the ultimate tribute. Bethenny shared the before and after results on her Instagram Stories. Bethenny and Bryn placed Cookie in the center of the cake and flanked ...

The best cake pans you can buy
Straight sides produce more precisely-shaped cakes, which will make your frosting and decorating work go more smoothly. While researching the best cake pans, we examined the reviews and ratings of hundreds of buyers and experts. The cake pans featured in ...

British Baker Transforms Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Into Life-Size Cake
a cake decorating competition that is held in the U.K. While it is edible, the cake is not intended to be eaten, and will instead be on display at the cake competition. It is currently being stored in her studio in England.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's royal wedding cake serves up a slice of originality
Want to make this cake at home? While this cake looks simple, make sure to give yourself plenty of time for baking, layering, cooling, frosting and decorating. The cake is seen as one of the ways Prince Harry and Markle have broken with tradition ...

The Royal Wedding Cake Baker Reveals the “Nightmares” She Had Before the Big Day
Claire Ptak made the lemon and elderflower cake seen around the world ... I’ve just had to do some decorating at the bakery because we moved a sink so the last couple of days I’ve had the paint out. It’s a bit of a contrast.”

Camarillo baker creates 100-pound cake for Casa Pacifica
Camarillo baker creates 100-pound cake for Casa Pacifica A cake for Casa Pacifica’s 25th anniversary will weigh 100 pounds and feature multinational decorations and a rendering of late therapy dog Archie. Check out this story on https ...

Cake favorites expanding to 10,000 s/f space
The family owned and operated cake decorating and baking supply store that has been beloved by professional and amateur bakers alike was previously located at nearby 56 West 22nd Street for over 20 years. The move to a larger space at 118 West 22nd Street ...

Entrepreneurs | Gifted baker, Jess English, knows how to create masterpieces with cake
Looking through English’s portfolio of cakes, it’s hard to believe the creative, elegant and cheerful fondant decorations are just a simple mix of marshmallows and powdered sugar, dyed, rolled, and shaped into a smooth layer to cover a cake or formed ...

Here’s How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Cake Differs from Other Royal Cakes
Designed by Claire Ptak, the baker of the London-based bakery Violet Cakes, the cake is made of Amalfi lemons and elderflower syrup with decorations of Swiss meringue and 150 flowers, including peonies and roses. This dessert was only a small part of the ...

DESTINATION PROM: With elaborate decorations, top entertainers Pennsbury Prom lives up to its reputation as ‘Best in America’ (PHOTO GALLERY)
And that cake over there - that’s a real cake,” she said referring ... We have the best Prom, the best decorations. And we’re going to have so much fun.” Czerniak and Peters both agreed - they can’t believe it’s Senior Prom already.

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