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Blaze Becomes Beryl: How The "Bosch of Bikes" Turned A U.S. Lawsuit Into A Positive
“Safety is the biggest barrier for people who don’t cycle,” British entrepreneur Emily Brooke tells Forbes. “You could be lit up like a Christmas tree but if you’re caught in a vehicle’s blind spot you can’t be seen.” This is why she ...

Vehicle tech to protect bikers, pedestrians shown off at Bosch Proving Grounds
Bosch Group on Tuesday showed off some of its latest vehicle technologies aimed at preventing accidents and enhancing pedestrian safety. At the Bosch Proving Grounds in Flat Rock, the German auto supplier showcased vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems ...

Bosch Wants To Prevent Motorcycle Crashes With Jets Of Air
Bosch is developing a piece of technology which can help to prevent low-side motorcycle crashes. Dubbed slid mitigation, the system uses a sensor that can detect sideways wheel slip if a motorcyclist runs over wet leaves, an oil spill, or gravel on the road.

Bosch Motorcycle Jet Thruster Helps You Recover From A Skid
Bosch the German technology and manufacturing company has this week unveiled a new safety device it has created for motorbikes that uses high-pressure gas forced out of a nozzle to help right a sliding motorcycle. Watch the demonstration video below to ...

Bosch talks about future motorcycle safety systems
Bosch has been at work on new safety systems for motorcycles that will make motorcycling safer. One of the things it is working on is a sliding mitigation research project. The goal of this project is to give motorcyclist a chance to right a bike that ...

Today's Best Deals: A Discounted Bosch Tool Bundle
One of our favorite drills is enjoying a discount on Amazon today only when you buy it as a bundle. The Bosch 12-Volt 2-Tool Combo Kit, which includes a drill/drive, impact driver, and two 12-volt batteries, is going for $160, $66 cheaper than buying them ...

Bosch Skid Mitigation System to Help Bikers Recover from Danger
Loss of friction is one of a biker’s most dangerous enemies. A small patch of tarmac with a different texture can often mean the difference between life and death. Experienced riders know that in most cases the best reaction to a bike’s skid or slide ...

Bosch Encourages Its 100,000 German Workers To Lease E-Bikes
The main idea is to combine its products with promotion of low-emissions mobility for associates. Health and creativity were mentioned as additional advantages. Bosch produces integrated electric powertrains (motors, transmissions, power electronics ...

Annual financial results 2017; Bosch expands activities in North America
FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2018--Bosch, a leading global supplier of technology and services, ended its 2017 fiscal year with $13.7 billion (12.1 billion euros) in consolidated sales in North America, thus remaining at a level ...

Bosch jet thruster blasts your motorcycle out of a skid
It's a bonkers idea, but could save riders from bad crashes. Modern motorcycles have gained safety features like antilock brakes and even (experimental) self-balancing, but riders still highly exposed in crashes. Bosch is trying to stop accidents in the ...

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