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A photo emerges and a Va. school system’s use of seclusion comes under scrutiny
In the photo, Gigi Daniel-Zagorites grips the edge of a small bookcase, her tilted head peering over. The bookcase and a cabinet barricade the 13-year-old in one corner of a classroom. Two women sit, backs turned. Months have passed since the moment in ...

Victim of April 15 tornado in Greensboro finds new home for family
GREENSBORO — Of all the items Angelena Gill picked out at the Barnabas Network Friday — a leather sofa, a dinette set, a wooden bookcase — one spoke to her the loudest. The photo, framed in black, shows the sun glistening off a crystal-blue lake.

Arrest warrant describes hidden Weston weapons stash
Investigators say a bookcase door opened to a room loaded with dozens of weapons in the home of the former chairman of the Weston Police Commission -- who made his first court appearance on gun charges Wednesday. Prosecutors have charged Rick Phillips with ...

Aging Graciously: What to keep?
Prompt books and scripts fill an entire bookcase. There are 20,000 photos on my computer, and many boxes of hard copies taken on film and slides over all these years. They are a chronological history of my life... my family... my work. Truly I do not need ...

An Ode to Midwest Bouldering
Although I live in Dubai, I squander my leisure time researching boulders on America’s grand prairie. My bookcase has an entire shelf dedicated to my collection of Midwest climbing guidebooks. The first guidebook I purchased was Sandstone Warrior ...

Find the Secret Bookcase To Enter This New Lounge
Future drinkers at the Palms’ new Camden Cocktail Lounge might have a tough time finding the front door, disguised as a bookcase lined with novels. The new lounge, operated by Clique Hospitality, features three rooms inside meant to evoke a modern ...

Happy retro-style bookcase and storage unit at Maisons Du Monde
Sometimes you just need a bit more colour in your life or your living room. If that’s the case for you, check out the Happy bookcase at Maisons Du Monde. The colour is the selling point here. Yes, you can get a plain wood finish and if that’s what you ...

How Ikea's Billy bookcase took over the world
The Billy bookcase is perhaps the archetypal Ikea product. It was dreamed up in 1978 by an Ikea designer called Gillis Lundgren who sketched it on the back of a napkin, worried that he would forget it. Now there are 60-odd million in the world, nearly one ...

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