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Key Findings of the Bedroom Furniture Market Through 2018-2022| Technavio
LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 14, 2018--Technavio’s new market research report on the provides an analysis of the most important trends, drivers, and challenges expected to impact the market outlook from 2018-2022. It also provides an insight into the ...

D.C. law firm cautions China tariffs could impact furniture industry
That is a message from Mowry & Grimson, a Washington, D.C. law firm that has represented furniture importers on trade issues in the past, including the antidumping case on Chinese-made wooden bedroom furniture. The firm this week published a notice ...

Stanley Furniture Sold Its Business And Trades Cheaply - Now HG Holdings
Stanley Furniture was the largest recipient of funds from a duty on Chinese wooden bedroom furniture and has received millions of dollars. However, the US lost a case regarding the law at the World Trade Organization and it was repealed in 2007.

Kitchen Furniture: Kitchen table w/ 4 chairs light oak wood ...
Living Room Furniture: 2 oak-finish end tables: one is a side table & one is a long, waist-high, console table. Dark wood Bedroom Furniture: Large Dresser & 2 night stands with drawers. 815-505-4386

Independently owned furniture store opens in northeast Columbia
In need of a new sofa or bedroom set? There's a new, independently owned furniture store in northeast Columbia. Rosemarie Clarke, owner of Furniture Design Centers, celebrated the grand opening of the Hardscrabble Road store with a ribbon-cutting ceremony ...

The epic clash of gender specific bedroom furniture
Roughly 35 years ago the wife and I purchased a rustic dark pine bedroom set for our daughter who was then 4 years old. I’m not really sure what we were thinking back then as our daughter was always a pink and purple girl and not the least bit rustic.

Feather’s new furniture subscription service allows for maximum flexibility
If successful, these furniture subscription services could be a game-changer. Head over to Feather’s new site, where customers can rent entire living room, dining room, and bedroom sets. There’s even a quiz to help folks figure out what style and ...

11 Simple Tips for Bedroom Organization
Walls at unusual angles, strangely-shaped corners - make the most of odd room dimensions by choosing furniture that fits. Think of your bedroom as a puzzle and do your best to arrange items in a smart, easy-to-access way.

Key Findings of the Bedroom Furniture Market Through 2018-2022| Technavio
Technavio’s new market research report on the global bedroom furniture market provides an analysis of the most important trends, drivers, and challenges expected to impact the market outlook from 2018-2022. It also provides an insight into the ...

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