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Is Your Bathroom Small? Here are Some Storage Ideas
Vanity with Cabinet I have come across plenty of pedestal sinks in small bathrooms, but if you want save some space, add some storage, and upgrade the look of your bathroom at the same time, a vanity ...

$599K Buys 3 Season Porch, Study, Carrera Marble Bath In Crofton
and fenced backyard; it could be yours for an asking price of $599,900, according to Amenities include an updated master bath with a soaking tub and Carrera marble vanity, and more.

4 Makeup Mirrors That Will Satisfy Every Budget & Vanity
and weighted base (which keeps it from getting knocked off your bathroom shelf). Yes, this Alexa-enabled mirror costs as much as our monthly food budget. But for those looking for a vanity mirror beau...

Anna Wintour to be only Condé Nast exec with private bathroom
Looking to shore up its finances, the publisher of Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker ... “One of her assistants entered the women’s bathroom and asked if there was a line

Photographing a Small Bathroom
This bath, located off a stair landing, was carved out of quite a small space. It’s no bigger than a coat closet. Using thoughtful design, and a smaller sink with a curved vanity along with wall of mi...

Pizza shop apologises for Caitlyn Jenner bathroom signs
One bathroom door showed the star representing the US in the 1976 Olympic Games pre-transition, while the latter is her Vanity Fair cover shoot. Caitlyn Jenner (Greg Doherty/Getty) Despite criticism o...

Easy ways to update your bathroom on any budget
Whether or not you have that kind of scratch to throw around, here are five ways to refresh your bathroom, from low-cost to luxe. 1. Swap out fixtures. On the super-frugal side, replace vanity hardwar...

11925 Mountain Laurel Dr, Chesterfield, VA 23236
Amazing 1st floor MASTER suite w/fabulous FULL BATH: tiled walk-in shower, beautiful cabinetry, granite & double vanity + walk-in closet. RENOVATED KITCHEN features new 42" soft-close cabinetry w/gran...

Home Front: What's trending in the bath
Double vanities are among the most requested feature when we are designing a new bath along with storage capabilities and stone or engineered stone (quartz) vanity tops. Many of our clients come to th...

N.J. home makeover: A glamorous new master suite, bathroom and dressing room
The project is enhanced by improved storage and many smaller features, such as lighting beneath the floating bathroom vanity and linear European sconces that help illuminate the room. "We tried to bri...

Install a bathroom vanity
Gene, Katie Hamilton, Tribune Content AgencyDo It Yourself or Not? A bathroom vanity used to be a mere base cabinet with drawers and a sink, but today it has morphed into a stylish piece of furniture ...

Pizza Shop Owner Apologizes For 'Caitlyn Jenner' Bathroom Sign
The bathroom signs, which have been up for 2 ... decathlete turned reality TV star revealed herself as a trans woman to Vanity Fair in 2015. Later that year, her gender change and name officially ...

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