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Whitney Houston's Cousin Slams Kanye West for Using Photo of Her Drug-Covered Bathroom
Whitney Houston‘s cousin is hitting back at Kanye West for using a photo of the late singer’s drug-covered bathroom as the cover for Pusha T’s new album. Elliott says he didn’t find out about the album artwork until his daughter called him.

Whitney Houston’s Cousin Says Kanye West Is ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ For Using Bathroom Photo as
Some members of Whitney Houston’s family are not happy about Kanye West’s decision to use a photo of the late singer’s drug-filled bathroom as album artwork. “To do something for a publicity stunt to sell records, it’s absolutely disgusting ...

Whitney Houston's cousin responds to controversial album cover of late singer's bathroom
One member of Whitney Houston's family is speaking out after Kanye West used a controversial photo of the late singer's bathroom for Pusha T's new album, "Daytona." Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in 2012. Prescription drugs were found ...

A NASA astronaut who spent 665 days circling the planet reveals the misery of going to the bathroom in space
NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson has logged a whopping 665 days in space. That's an American record, and it's more time in space than just about anyone else on Earth can claim (aside from seven Russian cosmonauts.) She's hit her "radiation limit" she says, and ...

Kanye West Slammed by Whitney Houston’s Cousin Over ‘Disgusting’ Album Cover Depicting Late Singer’s Bathroom
Kanye West has come under fire from late singer Whitney Houston’s cousin, after reportedly paying $85,000 to use a photo depicting Houston’s bathroom strewn with drug paraphernalia as the cover art for Pusha T’s new album “Daytona.” Speaking to ...

7 Things You MUST Do to Your Bathroom If You Want to Add Value
After buying our condo three years ago, my husband and I knew we'd eventually have to redo the guest bathroom in our hallway. It had a wobbly shower insert, dated finishes, and an impractical vanity without much storage. I hated going in there. So after a ...

Whitney Houston’s Cousin Slams Kanye Over Using Photo Of Her Bathroom For Album Cover
Yikes! Whitney Houston’s cousin dissed Kanye West for using a photo of the late singer’s drug-covered bathroom for album artwork. Kanye West, 40, has found himself in hot water yet again. This time around, Whitney Houston‘s cousin Damon Elliot ...

Twitter Is Disgusted By Kanye West's Use Of Whitney Houston's Drug-Filled Bathroom As Cover Art
Kanye West and Pusha T caught just about the entire social media community off-guard when they released the final cover art for the latter's latest album, Daytona. After it was revealed that 'Ye coughed up a whopping $85,000 to obtain the license of a ...

Kanye West paid $85K to put Whitney Houston's controversial bathroom photo on Pusha T's album
Kanye West forked over a pretty penny for permission to use a controversial photo on the cover of Pusha T's new album, which he produced. The record simply titled DAYTONA dropped on Friday, just hours after West, 40, revealed the album artwork that is an ...

Whitney Houston’s Family Reacts To Kanye’s Use Of Her Drug-Filled Bathroom Photo As Cover Art
Kanye West and Pusha T recently angered a large chunk of the social media community by using a photo of the late Whitney Houston's drug-ridden bathroom as the cover art for the latter's album, Daytona. While the brunt of the criticism has come from fans of ...

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