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The Difference Between Primroses & African Violets
Yet the two flowering plants differ in a few key ways -- the biggest being the setting in which they are grown. While there's certainly no law about setting African violets on the patio or growing potted primroses indoors, the two plants definitely have ...

Garden State African Violet Club Exhibit and Plant Sale
We will have exhibits depicting all aspects of growing African violets and other Gesneriads. Hands-on workshops will be done throughout the day so you can learn how to grow beautiful plants. Hundreds of member and commercially grown African violet plants ...

BA African violet hobbyist will bring expertise, plants to 40th annual spring show
BROKEN ARROW — Tiny colorful blooms of African violets caught Judith Carter’s attention one day while visiting a Tulsa shop decades ago. “They were so dainty and miniature,” she said about the scaled-down variety. “I’d never grown them before ...

African violets on display
Hundreds of sizes and types of African violets, leaves and supplies will be for sale. There will be educational displays and demonstrations, experts to answer questions, a yard sale table of new and gently used items, and also crafts, purses and baked ...

The hardy African Violet will be featured at the BioPark’s plant sale
... African Violet Club. Club members will show successful techniques for growing, maintaining and propagating these cheerful plants. Standard and mini African violets will be available for purchase. For more information, visit the ABQ BioPark website.

Rowe, Phillips share African violet program
MOULTRIE, Ga. — Faye Rowe and Mary Phillips shared an African violet program with the Magnolia Garden Club recently. They demonstrated how to root the leaves, how to pot them after the root forms and how to water and fertilize the plants. They stressed ...

Limp and Yellowing Leaves on African Violets
Warm the water and eliminate the salt if your African violet has limp leaves that eventually yellow and drop off. Use room temperature water to avoid cold damage to the leaves. Then check for a white crusty substance on the soil surface or plant container.

African violets on display at annual show and sale
Club members will be available to answer questions, and some of the area’s finest African violet specimens will be on display. A variety of plants and cuttings can be purchased. “We want to introduce the public to growing violets, to educate the public ...

In right conditions, colorful African violets bloom year-round
African violets will continue to bloom year-round in optimal growing conditions, with short rest periods between bloom cycles. It's a good choice for an easy-to-grow plant to add color to your kitchen. When the plants have finished blooming, remove dead ...

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